Remove Unwanted Kernel From GRUB

When I update Ubuntu, there will be some updates to the kernel. I have install Ubuntu in my laptop for several months, and I have a bunch of kernels to select from GRUB menu. It’s good for system recovery the case that kernel updating is failed, but I would not require all of the kernels in order to recover the system. I should find some ways to eliminate and clean up some unnecessary kernels.

Do you really need all of them?

I found a good article at tombuntu which explain how to delete kernels I don’t want. Here, I will show the steps to uninstall unwanted kernels.

1. Check your current kernel version by using command  uname -r

The current version of kernel you are running will be shown in Terminal. You have to delete other kernels excepts the one shown in Terminal.


2. Go to Synaptic Package Manager, and then search for all kernels. I use keyword “2.6.35.” without quotation marks.

Read carefully! Select every kernels you want to uninstall excepts the current version you are running. I will not be responsible if you make a mistake by selecting the wrong kernels. To uninstall the selected kernels, right click and choose “Mark for Removal”. After that “Apply”.

BE CAREFUL! Don't select the current kernel version.

The result of doing this is you will have a clean GRUB which will show only the current version of kernel. You also get some extra space back from uninstalling those kernels.

Thank you tombuntu again for the tip. 🙂


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